About A-1 Concrete Cutting


Our History


Mark Erickson (Mike's father) began working with a local company that offered concrete cutting services.  After 24 years he decided to start his own company and in the spring of 1997 A-1 Concrete Cutting was founded.

Mark developed many contacts in the construction industry over the years and between that and word of mouth it wasn't long until we were out spinning blades and making a name for ourselves.  

Our Owner

Mike Erickson began as a helper and continued to grow with the company eventually taking over ownership of the company. Now at the helm of the business, Mike has kept A-1 Concrete Cutting as the premier concrete cutting specialist in business for 20+ years and is still going strong, providing Concrete Cutting in the Greater Spokane Area.

We service Central to Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Western Montana.

What our customers are saying


February 2018 -   

A-1 Concrete Cutting

We are a General Contractor that does Commercial Construction in the Spokane area. We have been in business almost 27 years. For the last 15 plus years we have been using A-1 Concrete Cutting to handle our concrete cutting needs. They have continually performed up to all expectations. They are knowledgeable, responsive to our needs, show up on time, are couterous to our customers, employees and our jobsites. I would recommend them to anyone who has any concrete cutting needs. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Respectfully submitted,


Michael G. Galles,  President

Michael G. Galles, MGG/mg

January 2018

A-1 Concrete Cutting & Mike Erickson have been trusted subcontractors for our company for many years. Any and all of our specialty concrete cutting needs have been fulfilled by their company, at any time we may need their services.

Timely scheduling, on-time arrivals, and efficiency in the work place accompany fair pricing. This is all we ask of any of our necessary contractors, and A-1 Concrete Cutting satisfies all of these needs.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend A-1 Concrete Cutting to any other company or individuals who require the skills of this specialty company.

Doric Creager, President

Doric, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern: 

I would like to recommend Mike with A-1 Concrete Cutting. I have worked with Mike for more than 1 O years now and have always known I can count on him for our projects. When I have scheduled Mike for a project, there isn't a worry about when he will be there or if I will need to adjust the entire job schedule. Mike is reliable, he always shows up on time and is ready to get the job done. 

His work speaks for itself as well. Whatever the job, we know he is capable having more than 20 years in the business. Regardless of the type of project, we know he has the experience and tools to get it done right, the first time. There isn't a need to call him back to a site because when he leaves, it is because the job is finished. 

When we have found ourselves in a pinch, Mike has come through and helped us out. Sometimes, the unexpected happens and we end up needing to call with a last-minute project. Mike does what he can to make sure we don't fall behind. Even in these scenarios, when he is squeezing us into his schedule, we know he will show up when he says. 

A-1 Concrete Cutting has the experience to make sure our projects are done well, he has the integrity to make sure our clients are happy with his work and the reliability that allows us to rest, knowing he will be there when we need him. 

Ryland Carter, Owner

Carter Construction

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